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Today, more than 70% of businesses confirm that HR analytics are part of their main priorities. However, only 5% of investments in Big data are assigned to HR.

Personal data management can no longer be avoided and it gives considerably more value to the knowledge companies can gather about their customers. 

But what about knowledge of their own employees ? How and why would this data be used by companies ? Should they be seen as a real tool for HR management, or should we be protecting ourselves from a massive invasion of our privacy ? 

This topic will be addressed at our conference entitled «DATA in RH departments : a threat or an opportunity ? » which will be held on 17th June at 6pm.

This conference is organized by the students in the Mastère Spécialisé® Expert en Ressources Humaines, together with Tribu RH and the Tribu Innovation of TBS Alumni.

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17 June 2021 to 18h00


Florine PITOT



Société Générale

Florence KRØLL



Leboncoin groupe


This event will be held online only. An email with access to the videoconference will be sent to you before the event starts.