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Céline GODEUX - Life Coaching

13 April 2021 Careers

My driving force is reconnecting people with their core and their purpose in life by helping them find fulfillment and leading them towards new perspectives, new personal and professional projects. In this way, I accompany people whose objective is to:

  • give themselves a sense of direction, 
  • overcome self-limiting beliefs,
  • free themselves from bonds,
  • prepare for public speaking,
  • find the resources to change their lives / professional situations,
  • finding their feet after expatriation,
  • learn how to cope with an existential crisis,
  • prepare for exams, 
  • break free from self sabotage and procrastination behaviour,
  • overcome fears,
  • stop repetitive patterns, etc.

The tools I use include systematic and generative coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, Eriksonian Hypnosis.

I can run my coaching sessions in Spanish, English and French. I work in Paris, Madrid, Toulouse. I work at a distance also. 

Preferential rates (20% off the public price) for fully paid-up members of TBS Alumni network.

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