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Florian MANTIONE (TBS 1972) - Make sales appointments a success

09 February 2021 Careers

Your sales force is capable of "building cathedrals" with the right motivation from their managers! 

Since 1976, Florian Mantione Institut has been recruiting, training and evaluating sales people. For all sales-related activities, the Florian Mantione (TBS 72) team provides training based on sales techniques and experience. 

This training is based on the concept of epiphyte management, as in allowing colleagues to grow while you also grow.

"The term epiphyte comes from epiphyte plants which grow on other plants. They are not parasites because they do not take harm their host in any way."

The training course starts on 4th March from 9am to 12.30 pm

N.B. This course is held in FRENCH only.

For more information about The Sales Cycle and The Management Cycle in English, please contact Florian Mantione Institut directly.


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