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Because giving to our future talents is giving birth to the great ideas of tomorrow.

09 December 2022 Association

The Foundation's major fundraising campaign, which began on World Generosity Day, ended on Tuesday, December 6. 


During this intense week, the Foundation was able to collect 14 255€ thanks to the commitment of all of us, TBS Education employees and you, Alumni of our school!


A very nice amount which will have a real impact on the present and future of TBS Education students, deserving students in financial difficulty, by granting them scholarships as soon as the new school year starts. 


A big thank you for the generosity you have shown through your donations!

A gesture of commitment that is all the more symbolic in these complicated times that affect us all. 


You can support future talents at any time through the Foundation's actions: payment of social grants, support for projects with a positive impact or assistance with business creation... 


Your commitment can be one-time or monthly, depending on the commitment you wish to make.




Offering the best chances of success to students during their schooling is to give them the opportunity to realize great projects for tomorrow!


Giving Tuesday, Beginning the journey

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