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Caroline GIROUD (TBS 2007) - I've got plenty of time before planning my retirement, right ?

10 April 2021 Careers

I am 35 years' old and people are talking to me about retirement : "You must plan your retirement" "You must think about your second life". I am finally feeling settled and happy in my professional career and I'm being told to think further ahead, always further and further ahead.

In my shoes as a wealth management professional I would say that was obvious, but personnally, I feel I have time and that I'm not interested in the subject yet. I understand the young people that I accompany who barely listen when I bring up the subject. 

I have just followed a workshop on pension plans. It made me realize that everyone needs to be aware, especially young people who have never had any financial training. It is important to start and plan as early as possible. If, on the other hand, you are in an older age group and have not yet set up a pension scheme, it is not too late.  

Everyone should plan for retirement and start as young as possible.

It's a fact. Retirement is a time in life when you hope to be happy, fit and able to do new life projects. If that is the case, is it also good to have sufficient funds!

In case of health problems and in need of medical assistance and support, the fact that you have the funds to pay for these services would make you feel less anxious. Financial education is a vast subject and my mission is to pass on the keys to better preparing your future : pension plans are part of this. 

At the age of 70, I want to be free

I don't want to have to work at 70 to supplement my revenue by handing out prospectuses or delivering flowers. At 70, I want to be free. Free to travel, eat well, spoil my children and grandchildren, in short, enjoy life. A care home can cost up to 5000 euros a month (as per healthcare requirements and location), which makes me think "Would I be able to pay such a price ? Would I have to ask my children for help ? Am I in a position to help my parents ?" 

How much pension will I have ?

Surely not enough to do everything I want. My advice to you is to get good advice and save every month, even little amounts which might seem insignficant at first sight but will grow over time and make all the difference to your future. Get ready now.

Article written by Caroline GIROUD, Member of our Mutual Support section
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