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François DUPUY (TBS 99) shares his experience of adapting to COVID-19

09 February 2021 Careers

The future of training lies in a hybrid support approach

In 2019, François DUPUY - former Director of Key Accounts and Markets (France and Export), Manager and Team Leader - created his company specialized in Management & HR Consulting where he is also developing a training activity in business and universities on different themes around management, leadership, strategy, efficiency, decision-making...

Initially, although fundamentally creative in the design of the modules,
my approach to the training was rather traditional in its organization.

In 2020, the arrival of COVID 19 and the first lockdowns meant that I had to change my way of training. I started to digitalize my exchanges in France and abroad (interviews, coaching, behavioral & personality assessments' debriefing by Harrison and first training modules).

I got in touch with an e-learning training company with a colleague - like me - Alumni TBS & HEC Coaching, and I took it to the next level by carrying out and recording 2 digital training modules. The objective is to develop skills through distance learning (knowing and applying) on 2 themes related to my expertise (Management and Leadership). Digital is becoming a complementary and effective support media through its mobility.

"I spend my time doing what I don't know how to do, to learn how to do it"
Pablo Picasso

This digital experience allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, and I took great pleasure in doing so because it seems relevant to me to test new practices that are complementary (and / or disruptive) to their experience, in order to reconsider its paradigms and perspectives.

"The important thing is not the destination, but the journey itself", in the words of Robert Louis Stevenson. So the question is: What time is the next train?

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